Questions for Thought


What does yoga mean to you? 

Yoga is union but for me is also a metaphysical aspirin for my soul.

How does yoga changed your life?

It changed it 360 degrees. I lost interest in partying and drinking and started to live a healthier lifestyle full of awareness.

How do you personally find balance in your daily life?
After 15 years of doing yoga and meditation balance finds me every day, I do not have to search or look for it anymore.
The key is awareness.

What is you mission in Life?

Create awareness and heal people and give back through many diverse practices
from laughter and creating cool yoga products to meditation and yoga.

What are you doing to manifest your mission?
I am 100% committed to create a global community of yogis that share a vision for the rising of mass awareness & consciousness on the planet through the practice of yoga.
This community is called Funky Yoga Ambassadors and our mission is to empower yogis to create abundance for themselves & their community as well as to inspire, share and co-create with like minded people.

Have you done any Karma Yoga in the past year? If so, please explain.
Everything I do is Karma yoga, I haven’t taken a real salary since I started Funky Yoga, and I also created local non-profits projects like The Holistic Circle, that organize local events and satsangs to heal people and raise awareness.
Are you interested in collaborating with us on a Karma Yoga project in the future?
Yes I am doing it already.