Questions for Thought


What does yoga mean to you? 

To me, yoga is a vehicle for transformation.  I discovered yoga as a means to create balance in my life, but the benefits go so far beyond just that.  Yoga truly is a way of life, and we can incorporate the teachings of yoga into virtually everything we do, everyday.

How does yoga changed your life?

I’ll be honest, I was not always a lover of yoga.  I didn’t “get it,” and it often made me feel frustrated that I couldn’t get into crow pose, thought standing on one’s head was crazy, and at the end of class, I would lie stiff and stare wide-eyed at the ceiling.  It took me years to appreciate what the practice is truly about…slowing down, and letting go of what you think you can and cannot do.  I learned to smile when I’d fall instead of grunt, embraced the use of props instead of thinking I “didn’t need them,” and finally found complete surrender in savasana.  It felt so good that I decided to quit my day job, and share this feeling with everyone that I possibly could.

How do you personally find balance in your daily life?
It’s not easy, especially living in New York, but the key for me is, truly taking time to unplug.  We are constantly bombarded by stimuli, especially in a big city.  Whether it’s leaving my cellphone down and going for a walk in the park, taking a yoga class, or going to see a show, it’s necessary to take the time each day to resist the temptation to check emails, answer texts, or work on business plans and just be!

What is you mission in Life?

My mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone.  I teach a weekly Yoga Foundations class for people who might be intimidated to take an open-level class, and also bring yoga to corporate offices, providing desk-bound employees the opportunity to move.  It’s so rewarding to share the blessing of yoga with as many people that I can reach.

Have you done any Karma Yoga in the past year? If so, please explain.
I recently taught a full day of yoga sessions at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  I was beyond inspired by all the amazing women and men who I crossed paths with.  It was an amazing and moving experience.

Are you interested in collaborating with us on a Karma Yoga project in the future?

the future? Absolutely!  I’d be honored to.