Questions for Thought

What does yoga mean to you? 

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that give me the tools to keep a calm mind in the different situations in my life. I can connect in a deeper level with myself and with everyone and everything around me. Thanks to the daily practice I can grow in Love, with peace and compassion to myself and others.

How does yoga affect your life?

The experience on my practice in all aspects help me to see my self much more, is also a way of  therapy for me 🙂
I noted a long time ago that I use all the tools I use in my practice in to my daily life, specially the concentration and the calm mind in a difficult posture, is what I use in an automatic way without even thinking about it when I have a difficult situation in life. I choose better, I dream and desire healthier, I create more positive for myself and for people around me.

How do you personally find balance in your daily life?
I use many tools from Yoga, like meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama) and the practice of asanas. I am also a Health Coach and I love to visualize with a Dream Board, read and listen to daily affirmations. I pray, chant, take long walks with my dog and love to exercise and eat healthy. I am consciously  trying to balance the different aspects in my life like spirituality, physical activity, career, finances, Studies, relationships…

What is your mission in life?

My mission in life is to help others working in  what I love, to help them create a balance, happy and peaceful life for them. As a health Coach and Yoga instructor, I like to guide people to reach the goals they want in life in the different aspects in life, ideally in a mental, physical and spiritual level.

What are you doing to manifest your mission?

Share all I know and what I learn with people around me that is ready and want to take a step to a healthier and happier life. And I manifest in everything I do, sharing love and giving the best of me with  the best vibration in everything I do.