Questions for Thought


What does yoga mean to you? 

Yoga to me means the practice of union of awareness with all that is.

How does yoga changed your life?

By practicing Yoga principles my findings within, by giving up control and learning to flow with God guided path on and off the mat. By observing myself be and adjusting, shifting and changing with my evolutionary design which is destined for greatness. 

How do you personally find balance in your daily life?

I know that there my GOD and I give thank, then I have my Coffee in the morning, I move my body, lift heavy stuff and I stretch everyday.   I do things that bring me joy, like painting, music and walking the dog. I eat food that is good to my body according to the energy of each day, I check in with authentic self and to make sure I’m operating from this space.  I research and teach movement, yoga and wellbeing. I motivate myself to motivate and inspire others.

What are you doing to manifest your mission?

Manifesting my mission is a daily creation and intention. Living in purpose is happening right now. I don’t do things that don’t make me happy. I connect with my fellow brothers and sisters that are doing great things and I stay inspired. When I don’t find, I create it. I make it ALL up as I go because I TRUST the mission manifested ME and I am its creation. Knowing that is my practice.

Have you done any Karma Yoga in the past year? If so, please explain.

Yes, I teach free atrisk youth, drug and rehab, I mentor/coach yoga teachers and peers. I teach Karma trainings and modules.
Are you interested in collaborating with us on a Karma Yoga project in the future?