What does yoga mean to you ?

Everything! I live my life as a yogi; which means it goes well beyond
the physical practice, meditation and pranayama. Mostly, yoga has
provided a path that helps me realize and connect with what’s really
important in life and in that I find true peace and contentment.

How yoga has changed your life ?

Adapting a yoga lifestyle continually inspires me to live a fully
conscious life based on honesty, simplicity, and integrity. I have
learned to eat, breathe, walk and sleep like a yogi, all of which have
now become completely natural and ordinary.

How do you personally find balance in your daily life ?

Through becoming mindful of all I am and all I do, not only do I find
balance I am also able to overcome my habitual (often negative) patterns
and create new ones. By staying focused on positive intentional
processes I’m able to address old habits and establish new ones to
replace them, which insures a more balanced life going forward on a
daily basis.

What are you doing to manifest your mission ?

I dedicate myself to the furthering of human awareness and to serving
all of  humanity as my “larger self.” I remain devoted to the
realization of inner peace, and by living a healthy, happy, holy life, I
hope to become guiding lights for others.

Have you done any karma yoga project before ?

Yes, due to avidya, (original spiritual ignorance), I feel the need to
offset the effects of my egotism and selfishness. By practicing karma
yoga on a daily basis I’m able to develop a sense of selflessness.
Whenever I perform actions without expectation of any rewards or results
of any kind a sadhana develops naturally that seems to directly benefit
the world at large.

Are you interested in collaborating with us on a karma yoga project in the future ?
Yes, as much as is possible and practical with my busy schedule.