Questions for Thought

What does yoga mean to you ?

Yoga is the journey to self realization, to absolute bliss, to pure love.

How has yoga changed your life?

I started practicing Yoga to get through a very dark, very painful part of my life it helped me accept and love what is, and showed me that every lesson it’s an act of love.

How do you personally find balance in your daily life?

I’m usually pretty busy so whenever I have time to wind down I love to meet with friends for dinner, take sometime to go to the beach or pamper myself and relax.

What is your mission in life ?

To inspire children everywhere to live healthy and happy.

What are you doing to manifest your mission ?

Right now I’m working with the happy kids campaign that’s raising money to build a shelter for children who been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking in South America.

Have you done any Karma Yoga in the past ?

Yes, I recently spend Two years in Colombia working in non profit organization helping children who have been victims of abuse.

Are you interested in collaborating with us on a Karma Yoga project in
the future?