Our Cause

The Funky Yoga Ambassador Program is an expansion of the Funky Yoga Brand. It is a community of yogis of all ages from around the world. Yogis who share our passion for yoga, fun, adventure, positive vibrations, healthy living and helping others. We believe that it is especially important that now in the days of fast technological advancement that we connect and combine our forces as a global team on the mission to uplift each other and change the world we live in.

The Funky Yoga Ambassador Program is open to all funky yogis and spiritual warriors that share the same vision with us and want to make a difference. The Funky Yoga Ambassador Program is the link between the yoga community around the world and the places and people who need help.

Currently we have these three charity projects that are important to us and require support from yogis around the world:

There are several ways how Funky Yoga Ambassadors can participate in our mutual mission.

FY Ambassadors can share their passion and work with others in FY community and beyond through our website, blog, newsletters and social media. We encourage our ambassadors to write articles for our blog about what is important in their life, and how yoga can help in creating happiness, health and abundance.

FY Ambassadors can participate in fundraising for our charity programs and create good karma for themselves and others.

FY Ambassadors can volunteer to go to the Funky Yoga Save the Asian Elephant travelling adventures and get their hands dirty feeding and taking care of baby elephants in Cambodia.

And last but not least, FY Ambassadors get great discounts on all Funky Yoga products and events.

We hope some day you will join us and the world will live as one.


Save The Asian Elephant Program


Amazon Rainforest


Happy Kids Program
Colombia (South America)